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Ostensibly, because you want to. Or, perhaps, you have come across my work somewhere: a gallery showing, searching for my portfolio, LinkedIn, or what have you. You read something and thought, “Hm. That queer little ginger woman might have some ideas I want to read from time to time.”

Or you’re my friend and I stared at you with great intent.

You’re aRtSy

More honestly: you like art and live in the Mountain West region. You might like my art and are keen to see it in situ, or you’re interested on shows in the area and wish to enjoy reviews on that sort of thing. As we slowly exit the COVID cocoon, you’re keen to know about thoughtful arts writing and beautiful things. Or perhaps you’re just wondering what lil ol’ Allison Brown is up to after “all these years.”

The last one is really presuming some things, but whatever. Stick with me here.

You like supporting humans with too many thinks

Listen, if you’re aware of my art, then you’re aware that I am a person that is also deeply entrenched in mental health and disability advocacy. When I started my art practice, therapy wasn’t something particularly talked about; now we’re at a crux where various diagnoses are buzzwords and it feels like anyone who survived 2020 is teetering on the edge of burnout. Some of the discussions on The Studio Reset will, invariably, be at the intersection of mental health, academia, and fine art. Given the reasoning behind my five-year hiatus, I’m sure everyone is absolutely shocked.

You have a desperate newsletter addiction

I’m sorry. I promise, there’s help for you out there. In the interim, check out more newsletters at Substack.com.

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